Back in the early 1900’s, the Guvnor of the Clerkenwell Tavern let his cellar to market traders to store their wares in return for a little of whatever they were selling that day. The basement became the unofficial hang out for traders who liked a little wager or a shady deal, hidden away from the prying eyes of the local drinkers upstairs or the neighbourhood bobby on the beat. At night Kitty (a stunning flapper) would show up to entertain the traders with an air of decadence, a little swing, a few too many gins. 100 years later we use this iconic space to trade the finer things life; bespoke cocktails reminiscent of the 1870’s.

At Hesters Hideout we celebrate two Centuries of cocktail making; the time old tradition of mixing liquor to enhance the flavours. Our cocktails are a tribute to the old classic serves,from the very popular to the little less known ones. Time-old traditional techniques & recipes long forgotten have been brought back to life at Hesters; we concoct, distil and infuse our wares to treat you to the very best cocktail experience.